Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

The Exchange Inishowen exists to benefit the community in Buncrana and across the wider Inishowen peninsula by:

  • Providing a voluntary-run, not-for-profit community centre (with excellent facilities made available to all at affordable rates)
  • Promoting innovation, cooperation and collaboration between community groups and social entrepreneurs for the purpose of developing the social, economic, cultural and personal (physical, mental, emotional) wellbeing of the community.

Our Core Values:

Community – promoting social inclusion, resiliency, equality and cooperation for all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, orientation or religious affiliation with special emphasis on providing support for those groups that might be marginalised or disadvantaged.

Innovation Рserving as a centre for the arts, creativity and innovation through the dynamic collaboration between individuals and groups.  Creating the right environment for new ideas to flourish through pilot schemes, experimentation, etc.

Wellbeing – continually serving and developing the social, economic, cultural and personal (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) wellbeing of our community.